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October 31, 2008
by: Catherine Thompson

Today is an exciting day for me.

Halloween is my favourite holiday and I know it ranks right up there with many other kids at heart and of course children love it.

I guess I never outgrew the fascination with dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else, if just for one day a year.

Not to mention the candy.

I hand out a couple sweets to each little suphero or princess that comes to my door and then I generously give myself one too.

And shopping for about treats.

I can't get enough of sifting through costumes and make up that will turn me into a vampire or this year...a night fairy.

And picking out all kinds of skeletons and bats to decorate my front window with is great fun.

I was recently shopping in a dollar store and went down an aisle to look at all the scary decorations when, to my horror, I turned around only to be faced with an array of santas, elves and reindeer.

Okay, I understand that Christmas is the biggest retail season of the year and with these uncertain economic times, stores need to make a buck more than ever.

But can't we all just enjoy one holiday completely before thinking of the next one.

I am not ready to think of Christmas yet, it stresses me out.

It's just such a challenge to decide who to buy for, what to get them, where to get the money to pay for them and then where to find all these things.

I am trying to make it as fun as possible this year, but seeing greeting card stores put out their tree ornaments in August and now this display at the dollar store is just too much pressure when it's still October.

From Where I Sit, I'm Catherine Thompson


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