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March 18, 2009
Jim Birchard
by: Jim Birchard

Fish Not So Good After All

It is definitely good news for Charlie tuna.

There is no health benefit from eating fish.

It has to be true, because the findings are in the latest edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The Medical researchers report that the consumption of fish and the so called health benefits of chowing down on such food are vastly overstated.

In fact the CMA Journal report goes so far as to suggest that the growing demand among health aficionados for the food is destroying global fish stocks.

According to Rashid Sunaila, from the University of BC, The demand for fish is higher than what oceans can supply.

He predicts that many of the world's most important fisheries are going the way of Newfoundland's exhausted cod stocks.

David Jenkins is a nutrition professor at the University of Toronto and lead author of the journal article.

Doctor Jenkins said the view that fish are among the best foods is open to question.

He says basically people who eat fish usually lead healthier lifestyles, so that can explain whey they have lower rates of cardiac disease or diabetes.

So it appears that eating fish really does nothing to improve you over all health, it is contributing to the destruction of  the fish stocks in our oceans.

So with that in mind, could I have my burger medium rare, with lots of onions and cheese, and don't forget the side of fries.


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Posted: 2009-03-19 17:42:53

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