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March 13, 2009
Mariane McLeod
by: Mariane McLeod

Get To Work In Ottawa

You have every right to be confused about what's going on in the economy, and you also have every right to be worried.

Perhaps not so much about the downturn as about the competence of the people we've hired to lead us through it.

Two small examples of where I'm confused:

Number one: We're finding out today how many people lost their jobs last month.

Economists are expecting it to be plenty.

Meantime, the folks who process EI claims have been begging their retirees to come back to the job, to help with all the paperwork.

Hmmm.. So, people who've retired are getting second jobs (and presumably extra income) handling a backlog of paperwork from the newly unemployed, who without benefits would have no income.

Why not hire new people, even temporarily, to do the job?

Retirees get to enjoy their golden years and new hires get to enjoy being...well, employed.

Example two: Stimulus packages and bailouts have been all the talk on the federal scene since early December.

It's three months later, and have you heard even one announcement about how any of your money is being spent and who's being hired with it?

The major parties are so busy positioning themselves for the next election, each trying to look like the saviour of the economy, they don't seem to have had time to, well, save the economy.

The opposition parties say they won't support spending unless they know it's not going to get funnelled to Tory-friendly ridings.

The government then blames the opposition for holding up the process.

Stop the politicking and get to work, people.

I keep hearing the phrase, shovel ready projects.

Well, From Where I Sit, they're certainly shovelling something and it doesn't smell like a stimulus to me.

I'm Mariane McLeod.


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Posted: 2009-03-13 16:54:13

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