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December 5, 2008
by: Christine Curtis

The name Sean Avery is well known in Owen Sound.  He was an Owen Sound Plater from 1996 until 1998.  Since then, his career has been winding its way to his present position on the Dallas Stars.  

By now, you've likely heard the scandal that has erupted after his recent media appearance in Calgary.  He took the time to mock other NHL players who now date his former girlfriends.  His remarks were also considered disparaging to the former girlfriends as well. 

Were they over-the-top?  I think they were more childish than anything else.  What he said was no more than all girls had to hear from teenage boys taunts in highschool.  They were inappropriate then, they're inappropriate now, but we all got over it.  It wasn't right, but we chalked it all up to immaturity.

Avery's an attention hound, and we're playing right into his hands.  Every person who comments on him, shines the lights on his scandal, repeats what he has already said, gives him much more power than if we had ignored him.  That's exactly what he wants.  That's why he makes these types of comments.  And, he's going to keep on making them in and out of the spotlight as long as we keep paying attention. 

Here's what I think should have gone down.  Cameras and lights on, Avery makes his rude comment, officials and reporters say "ok, you're an idiot" and move on to the next player who has something relevant to talk about.  His comment would fall flat, mean nothing, be forgotten. 

Remember what people teach their kids about bullies and loudmouths in the school yard?  If everyone ignores them, they become less powerful.  And how about sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me? 

Why are we giving this immature person a second thought?  Arent' we supposed to just distance ourselves from him in a dignified manner?  What would Miss Manners do?

That's from where I sit, I'm Christine Curtis.




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