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December 3, 2008
by: Jim Birchard

Let the distortion of the facts begin.
As the Federal conservatives do everything in their power to stave off defeat in the commons at the hands of the Liberal, ndp coalition, be prepared to a tsunami of conservative negative attack ads.
And while the target of these attack ads will be the coalition  the fact remains in these conservative ads, truth and honesty will be sacrificed on the alter of political expediency by the Harperites.
The Tories will claim the coalition is anti Canadian and bad for the country and the alliance with the Bloc is a deal with the devil.
The Tories though have coincidently forgotten that   four years ago, Stephen Harper, while in opposition tried the very same tactics in his efforts to gain power and he had no problems making a deal with the Bloc, as long as it got him into the Prime Ministers office.
NDP leader Jack layton says, quote....I was involved in discussions where Mr. Harper and Mr. Duceppe were proposing to work together to put Mr. Harper into power with the explicit support of Mr. Duceppe and the Bloc.
So when the Conservative negative, distorted attack ads begin, try to take them with more than just  a grain of salt.

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