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December 1, 2008
by: Manny Paiva

Well we have the first big test for the new Conservative government.

Two big tests in fact.

Stephen Harper is trying to stay in power after his government's economic statement failed to deliver last week.

Now the Liberals and the NDP are working to form a coalition government with the support of the Bloc Quebecois.

The Conservatives are fighting amongst themselves -- and the government is back-pedalling, sending different messages and even contradicting itself.

Stephen Harper is quickly losing grasp of the Prime Minister's office -- the same job he spent millions of dollars on to keep during a federal election just two months ago.

And all this is happening as a group of 80 Canadians are stuck in Thailand where thousands of protestors have taken over two airports to try and overthrow that government.

Among those 80 Canadians are more than half a dozen local residents -- Frank and Janet Bassingthwaite, Don and Marigay Wilson and Ron and Carolyn Mills as well as John and Arla Dahmer.

The federal government has to be careful with this situation after the Foreign Affairs department dropped the ball with the Brenda Martin case in Mexico.

It took more than two years to get Martin back on Canadian soil.

Now I'm not suggesting it will take that long to get the Canadians home from Bangkok.

But the Conservatives should be trying everything in their power to make sure the 80 Canadians -- and the local residents -- get home safely and soon.

Instead, they are trying to save their own bacon back in Ottawa.

Who is to blame for all this?

Is it Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is it his right hand man Finance Minister Jim Flaherty or maybe his top policy advisors?

One thing is for sure -- either one or all three of them may soon be out of a job.

From Where I Sit, I'm Manny Paiva


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