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November 19, 2008
by: Shannon Snoes

I've turned into the person I never thought I'd become.

Let me first start by saying, I LOVE winter, and LOVE the snow; the more the better.

I love driving early in the morning, when the headlights on my car make the snow falling look like sparkling diamonds shimmering on the road.

I love seeing the snow accumulate on trees in a forest, where there is nothing but silence.

And most of all, I love looking out my front window at a clean white canvas.

Until, that is...some person tramples on it and ruins everything.

Yes, I've become the person that cringes when someone walks across my lawn in the winter, leaving dirty boot prints, and trudge marks.

I have even caught myself shaking my finger at young kids making snowballs in my front lawn, because they've used up all of the snow in the neighbourhood except mine, it seems.

Thankfully, I haven't yet got out the frying pan, or the wooden spoon, and waved it wildly in the air, yelling nonsense.

But, I'm only 32...and have a child, who will someday do exactly what I dread the most, and I'll have to laugh it off.

For now, though, since she's only a toddler, I can contain her to the back yard, and leave my front lawn untouched...and watch from my window, shaking finger poised to do its thing.

From Where I Sit, I'm Shannon Snoes


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