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November 17, 2008
by: Mariane McLeod

OK, OK, I give.

This weekend, it was time to give in and allow the wave of Christmas to wash over us.
After all there is a foot of snow in my driveway.

I will concede that it's time to start with the preparations. I have bought the turkey and I'm putting out some of the decorations.

I'm not sure why I'm so loath to begin the annual craziness that is the Christmas  season,  in north america, but I know I'm not alone.  Nearly everyone I talk to about this says, it's just too soon!'

I dread hearing the first Chrismas carols in the mall or stores. Mostly because it's usually in OCTOBER.

There really should be some sort of law or rule that prevents people from starting christmas too soon.
If your christmas lights are up at Hallowe'en, it should be because you haven't taken them down yet, not because you've put them up already.

It could be ghosts of disappointments past,---- no, I'm still not over not getting that pony when I was 8.

Or it could be not wanting this year's celebrations ruined by too much expectation and anticipation.

We see so many ads with the perfect turkey surrounded by the perfect happy family eating off the perfect table with perfect settings, it's easy to forget our families are just people, and deeply flawed ones at that.

Expecting the perfect gift or the perfectly behaved children based on the ads you've been drwoning in since labour day is only normal. ANd so is the disappointment that comes with it.

From where I sit, we should ease into the season.

Let's make a pact--- let's not put up any decorations that have santas or gifts or tidings of comfort and joy on them until at least December first- OK?

Snowmen and snowflakes, fine, but please, let the big guy finish his work up there at the north pole before we invoke his image.


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