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October 29, 2008
by: Jim Birchard

Good news if you are a jerk or a nerd or a klutz.
Its not your fault.
A just published study in the journal Psychology shows that 40 per cent of
your bad habits, asinine behaviour, anti social tendencies can be directly
traced  back to.....are you ready for this.....your parents.
Yes that’s right dear old mom and dad are the reason you are a social
misfit, the square peg in the round hole, the last person picked to be on
the volleyball team.
Who would thought that the correct spelling of genetics.... was loser.
Australian psychologist Dr. John Malouff  has aggregated the results of hundreds of studies
on human behaviour and found 40 per cent can be put down to human genetics.
He says they looked at a whole range of normal and problem behaviours, and what we
found was that again and again, the genetic component of these behaviours
tended to clump around the 40 per cent mark."
He said this definitively makes genetics the single most powerful influence
on a person's behaviour over their lifetime.
So for all the jerks out there, don't apologize for your behaviour its not
your fault.
40 percent of your jerkiness comes from your mom and dad..
The big question now is where does that 60 per cent of your normal  behaviour
come from.

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