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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


There is no sport among the " Big 4 Team Sports " that counts on the " spin " as much as the National Football League does.

Sunday's Super Bowl at Atlanta was won by the New England Patriots, as they claimed the crown for the 6th time, this time smothering the LA Rams 13-3.

In fairness, the amount of time I dedicate to watching the NFL on a regular basis is minimal, really minimal, so I'm far from the most qualified expert to comment on the league overall.

But for the BIG Game, the League Championship, there I was for hours watching this tedious, plodding affair hoping, actually believing, that somewhere, somehow during the night the game would get better.

It really didn't.

In fact, even though I have NO idea who Big Boi is, I thought his performance at Half Time was an upgrade in terms of entertainment. Plus, how could you NOT love that coat ?

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, there was plenty of spin;


- Great coaching scheme by coach Bill Belichick of the Patriots. In fact Sean McVay of the Rams said he was outcoached by the Patriots boss

- another Super Bowl for Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T. ( Greatest Of All Time )

- a sweet return for Super MVP Julian Edelman who missed the Big Game a year ago.

- and........well, the spin will go on and on for the NFL through the off season, through pre-camps, through the exhibition season, right up to kickoff next September.

But no matter what the spin tells me about Super Bowl 53, I can sum it up by saying, ..." BORING ".


I'm Fred Wallace


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