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Troy's Take Home Pay


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


How would you like to be Troy Tulowitzki ?

The Toronto Blue Jays released Tulowitzki last week, making the shortstop a free agent. 

But weep not about him being on the unemployment line.

Tulowitzki, who missed the entire Major League season last year, has 2 years and $38 million remaining on his contract- broken down as follows; $20 million for 2019, $14 million for 2020 and then a $4 million buyout of the 2021 team option.

That's staggering to those of us, male or female, athlete or likely not, who will never have the option of doing nothing for years and getting financially rewarded so handsomely.

Make no mistake, Tulowitzki wants to play, but due to injuries and surgeries, he hasn't played baseball since July of 2017, when he stepped on another player's foot while running the bases and required ongoing treatment.

And make no mistake, at his best, Tulowitzki could play.

Taken by Colorado with the 7th overall pick in the 2005 amateur draft, Tulowitzki was a five-time All-Star and when traded to Toronto he was a solidifying factor and presence for the Blue Jays when they had their best success in more than 2 decades recently.

The early projection was that Tulowitzki might make his way to Oakland and switch to 2nd base from shortstop for the A's.

The jury is out on whether Troy Tulowitzki will ever be healthy enough to play Major League Baseball again. But trust me, at $ 38 million in accounts receivable, I doubt that his accountant and financial managers are worried one bit.


I'm Fred Wallace


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