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Norton's NorthStars


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Owen Sound Senior NorthStars Lacrosse team made an announcement this week pertaining to their ownership structure.

For the first time since Mark Berner owned & operated the Woodsmen, the Owen Sound Seniors will have an owner in place as opposed to a President & a executive structure.

While searching for a coach to replace Stu Gordon, the NorthStars encountered Joe Norton, the Detroit based Bug Juice Owner.

While searching for a team and a promotional vehicle, Joe Norton encountered the NorthStars.

And while the agreement didn't happen in a split second, the match was conducive to both parties and the NorthStars head to 2019 with Norton as their owner.

What does that mean in the grand scheme of things ?

First, Joe Norton now possesses the assets of the club, and correspondingly is responsible for the day to day operation of what I consider to be a seasonal small business operation, and ask any small business owner about the inherent challenges.

Second, nothing changes pertaining to the NorthStars goal of being an OLA Champion and Presidents Cup National Champion.

Next, in conjunction with the on-the-floor operation, the concept of promoting and growing the sport further in Owen Sound and area becomes an even greater priority.

And finally, this is the one that caught my attention, the NorthStars are now affiliated with the Brampton Excelsiors of the Major Lacrosse League.

On the surface, the NorthStars relate this affiliation is superior to the previous affiliation with Cobourg based primarily on geographic proximity; that is it's easier to connect Owen Sound & Brampton compared to Owen Sound & Cobourg.

But I wonder if there isn't something greater in play here.

Norton owns Brampton in Major. Norton now owns Owen Sound in Senior. In terms of market support, there's no question that fan and corporate support here is superior to that in Brampton, so the question hangs, is the arrival of Joe Norton a step towards Owen Sound becoming a Major Lacrosse entry ?

Have a great weekend.


I'm Fred Wallace


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