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Post Game Flair


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire."


The major topic of discussion for those who cover the National Hockey League pertains to the post game celebrations conducted by the Carolina Hurricanes.

One night, they lined up as a group and crashed the boards, leaping into the glass as the finale.

More recently, they lined up in a " W " formation and followed with a domino drop to the delight of their fans.

Do you like it ?

Some do. Others, most notably Brian Burke, most certainly do not.

Me ?

I think it's fine if Carolina, or any NHL team, goes over the top, or emulates the CFL & NFL players who seemingly spend more time practicing and choreographing their touchdown routines than working their passing routes.

The biggest reason I'm okay with it is that it gives the opposition all kinds of motivation to beat Carolina both at home & on the road.

I think back to the early part of this century when Jeff Jackson was coaching the Guelph Storm.

The Storm were a great team; Paille, Brown, Parent, Doughty....they were the first club that I saw " salute " the fans in the European manner following home games.

Guelph won a lot back then, and the distinct memory I have is of Attack Coach Mike Stothers forbidding his team to leave the bench one night, forcing them to watch the Guelph post game celebration.

Coach Stothers was NEVER happy after a defeat so his move in my view had two purposes; 1) better than a post game tirade, making Owen Sound watch Guelph celebrate sent a message, & 2) for the next contest, making Owen Sound watch Guelph celebrate served as ample motivation for the next contest.


I'm Fred Wallace


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