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World Series


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Am I showing my age if I suggest the World Series was never better than in the 1970's ?


True, my prime years of watching Major League Baseball were my teens, but upon reflection from 1970 through 1979 there were some terrific Finals.


In 1970, the pitching rich Baltimore Orioles stopped Cincinnati's emerging Big Red Machine.


Roberto Clemente shone in the 1971 World Series as Pittsburgh beat the Orioles in 7; the first of 5 World series to go the distance in the 70's.


The Oakland A's won the next 3 titles, needing 7 games to stun the Reds in 72 and the Mets in 73 and then made it 3 straight with a 5 game win over the Dodgers.


1975 to many was the Greatest World series ever, the scene of Carlton's Fisks' dramatic extra inning homer in Game 6 for Boston who would eventually fall in the 7th game to Cincinnati.


The Reds won again in 1976 sweeping a not-quite-ready Yankees team in 4 straight.


The Yankees found their stride winning the next 2 World Series, beating the Dodgers in 1977 when Reggie Jackson hit the 3 straight homers to clinch Game 6, and then beating the Dodgers again in 78 after coming from behind to eliminate the Red Sox for the East title on the Bucky dent homer.


And finally in 1979, the " We Are Family " Pittsburgh Pirates beat Baltimore in 7


The 1970's also gave us the Designated Hitter and World Series Games at night, which might explain the alteration in appeal as time marched on, but I still consider the World Series of the 1970s to be better than any decade since.


I'm Fred Wallace 

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