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Mickleson's US Open Gaffe


By Fred Wallace

 Were you offended by Phil Mickelson's manoeuvre at the 2018 US Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club ?


In Round 3, while putting on the 13th green, Mickelson pushed a 15 footer by the cup. The ball began racing toward the front of the green, threatening to roll right off the front. 


Instead of letting it come to a stop, Mickelson raced towards the still-rolling ball & then whacked it back toward the hole, taking a two-stroke penalty as a result and finishing the par 4 with a ......TEN.


The 10 on the Scorecard is ugly enough, but the reaction to the scenario drew ire & scorn around the golf world, many suggesting Mickelson's move was utter disrespect.


In fairness, Mickelson related he wasn't being disrespectful, he was just agitated and admitted he's wanted to do something similar many times....only this time he acted upon it.


Even with the explanation, Mickelson was vilified and likely will be jabbed forever by those who were offended, one by the act, and two by the fact it was executed by one of the premier names in golf over the last quarter of a century.


For me, I wasn't offended by the scenario, I felt a sense of connection to a great pro who once in his career did what I do at least once a round.

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