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Memories of Nanaimo


By Fred Wallace

 Nanaimo, British Columbia will be hosting the 2018 Presidents Cup for the Canadian Senior Lacrosse Championship.


The last time Nanaimo hosted the Championship Tournament was in September of 1989, which ironically was the last time I was arrested.


The Owen Sound NorthStars defeated the host Timbermen 9-5 in the 1989 Championship Game at Nanaimo.


The game concluded late afternoon which left the entire evening open for the Cup Banquet and a massive celebration.


Truthfully, while the NorthStars had the massive celebration, I was quietly sequestered in a room down the hall at the motel we were staying. Yes, I had a beer. One.


Still, no matter where you were, there was no hiding from the ruckus the Champions were making; a ruckus so loud, complaints were lodged with the venue's management and in short order the RCMP arrived.


When the RCMP showed, the noise actually escalated and there was a series of shouting matches which were only interrupted when one NorthStar, and there's no need to mention Randy McMillan by name,  rode a trike down the hallway.


It was a unique scene in that hallway, one that was quite interesting to watch unfold as I took a swig of my beer and observed the standoff.


As I swallowed, suddenly a large hand grabbed me and dragged me, and ONLY me away from the hallway.


There were countless criminal and social crimes being committed by the 30 people involved in the shouting match, but the Owen Sound radio announcer got pinched for.............drinking beer out of residence.


In the RCMP car, I started to dispute the pettiness of the $ 100 fine...which was a lot of cash in 1989.


As I made my case, the RCMP Officer asked me if I " was going to get out of the car. "


Curious, I said, ' what ? '


A little firmer, the RCMP Officer asked again, ' Are you going to get out of the car ? '


I said nothing.


Then the RCMP Officer sternly asked ' ARE YOU GOING TO GET OUT OF THE CAR ? '


I got out of the car, $ 100 poorer, but physically in tact plus with mostly great memories of Nanaimo in 1989

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