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A Long Awaited ISC Journey


By Fred Wallace

 About 30 years ago I was at Duncan McLellan Park in Owen Sound watching fastball of some might have been the Ontario Fastball League, it might have been the Owen Sound Men's League...I forget exactly....


Anyway, the buzz in the ballpark that day in 1987 was about the recent ISC World Fastball Championships that had been just been hosted at Saskatoon, and how the Owen Sound entry had a remarkable run and finished within the Top 5 at the event.


Being relatively new to the Region, I was curious about this ISC.


For decades, I'd watched and played in the Simcoe Rural Fastball League, but there was never any talk of a World Championship that I remember.


In short order I saw the Owen Sound Canadian Tiremen grow more prominent, climaxing in 1991 when they advanced to the ISC Championship Game before bowing out to Penn Corp from the host city of Sioux City, Iowa in the Championship Final.


The ISC Championships were staged all over North America, rotated on a yearly basis, and it used to be great entertainment to listen to the Tiremen and their brass tell tales when they returned from these junkets.


Now, for the first time ever, 3 decades after initially hearing about the tournament, I'm off to an ISC Tournament.


The Kitchener-Waterloo Fastpitch Promotion is hosting the tournament which started last Saturday and runs through this Saturday.


At their invitation, and to satisfy my utter curiosity, I'm at the Peter Hallman Ball Yard for a day of doing Public Address work for them and , FINALLY, seeing up close what the ISC World Fastball Championships are like live.

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