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Lacrosse Unfolding


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Owen Sound NorthStars finish the regular season with a run of 3 straight home games, the first two of which were played over the weekend, a loss against Six Nations & a tie with Brooklin.


The final game in the sequence before the post season is this coming Sunday afternoon at 4 pm when Brooklin returns for a rematch to detrmine which club will finish 3rd in the standings.


There's a lot of lacrosse at various levels packed into Sunday & next Monday.


While the NorthStars are conducting their final game of the regular season at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre, the Kiwanis Complex makes a transformation from soccer to Field Lacrosse.


The Owen Sound Girl’s will be hosting close to a dozen teams from around the province in various age groups in a tournament that will determine standings prior to Provincials later this month.


There's a sense of excitement with the growth of Girls Field Lacrosse in the city & region, and that excitement will be heightened on Sunday when a visiting Under 19 team from England will face the Owen Sound Under 19's in an exhibition game as part of the tournament activities.


Finally, at the pro level, the National Lacrosse League is expanding with the San Diego Seals and Philadelphia Wings scheduled to commence play this coming season.


The expansion draft to stock the Seals and Wings will be conducted next Monday at 4:30 pm


Of note, the Toronto Rock released their list of protected and unprotected players for the draft and both Robbie Hellyer from Lion's Head and Adam Jones of Owen Sound were protected by Toronto and thus will not be available to San Diego or Philadelphia next Monday afternoon.


I'm Fred Wallace

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