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TWO Picks, NO Goalies


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

There was international fastball last night in Owen Sound as the Junior Selects hosted the touring New Zealand Under 19 team in a doubleheader at Duncan McLellan Park.

Tomorrow, we've got international hockey to a certain extent when the Canadian Hockey League Import Draft is conducted.

The Owen Sound Attack are slotted to pick 45th. but in previous affairs, teams periodically pass on their pick which shuffles everyone ahead.

It's notable that for a second straight year, Owen Sound will be picking 3 slots after London.

Last year in hockey's version of " Screw Your Neighbour " , Niagara took the anticipated London pick, Timothy Liljegren, and then London wheeled around and euchred Owen Sound by taking Jesper Bratt.

Of course, the irony was that neither Bratt nor Liljegren set foot in the OHL and the guy the Attack selected didn't make it to the season opener.

But onwards to the 2018 CHL Import Draft

Owen Sound will pick twice tomorrow, which seems curious in that Maksim Sushko is already on the Attack roster and expected to play a third term in Owen Sound.

However, an alteration in legislation has added a proviso that teams with NHL drafted European players can take a second pick in order to protect that team in the event that their existing NHL signed Import makes the NHL club.

Using Owen Sound & Maks Sushko as the example, it's highly possible that Owen Sound could have 3 Europeans on their roster when the season starts, albeit they can only play 2 in a game and must pare their compliment of foreign players down to a max of 2 by mid-October.

I'm Fred Wallace

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