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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "

It's been quite a week.....

On the high school front, the Grey Highlands Lions went 2 & 2 at the OFSAA " AA " Girls Rugby Championship at Stratford.

Plus, Nolan Smith of Georgian Bay Community School was 1 & 2 at the OFSAA Boys Tennis Championship in the GTA.

With the OFSAA Track & Field Championship concluding tomorrow at York Lions Stadium, that brings to a close the Bluewater Athletic Association season, the CWOSSA season and OFSAA.

That also brings me to an annual " Thank You " message to the athletes, the coaches, the convenors and the parents who keep us updated on high school athletics in Bluewater.

I probably could cite any number of studies that link better academic and social skills to youth athletics, but I'm more prone to go with what I know to illustrate the positive power of successful high school programs and events.

In the Winter of 1979, the guys I went to High School with at MSS advanced to the OFSAA Boys Basketball Championship.

They didn't win.
And not every member of that MSS group turned out to be a model citizen.

But vividly, I remember the buzz in the school, the buzz in a fairly small town of 12,000, as the team competed in the Georgian Bay loop, knocked off Orillia District for the title, defeated GW Williams of Aurora in the OFSAA Qualifier and then went to North Bay for the Championship Tournament.

That's almost 40 years ago.

So again, to the athletes, coaches, convenors and supporters of Bluewater Athletics, don't ever think that promoting your respective sports, in your respective high schools, in your respective communities isn't a valuable endeavour.

I'm Fred Wallace


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