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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Puppy White Tours is a relatively small travel firm in our region, with a clientele of about 4-8 customers and only offering a once-a-year April junket to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Having been on the Puppy White Vegas trips in 2015, 2016, 2017 & recently April of 2018, I can attest that you're seldom disappointed in Sin City.

For me, the major attraction is gambling, not so much at the craps table as the Sports Book.

In 2018, I had my best Sports Book performance starting out 15 & 6 over the fantastic first 2 days, but then cooling off in the final 2 days to finish above .500 at 20-13 & 1 ( The Tigers and Pirates were rained out ).

As Matt Damon mentions in " Rounders ", gamblers can recall their " beats " with amazing clarity.

For example, the Boston Red Sox who won 17 of their first 19 games this year SOMEHOW lost twice to OAKLAND including a no hitter thrown at them by Sean Manaea (?).

For example, the Cincinnati Reds who won just 4 games at home in April SOMEHOW managed to slaughter 3 & 0 Brandon McCarthy and the Atlanta Braves one night and then followed up with an extra inning win over the Braves the very next night.

And Edson Barboza, the UFC lightweight kicking machine, booted Kevin Lee in the head, staggering his opponent, but couldn't take advantage and in essence kicked me in the tailpipe for 3 digits.

So those were 5 of the 13 defeats, and while I'm obviously not fully " over " those losing wagers, I've circled April 2019 on the calendar for Puppy White Tours Vegas Five.

I'm Fred Wallace

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