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By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The day may sometime come when our local sporting lives are chronicled on video and archived, so that we can re-live certain moments as we choose, whenever we choose.

As of this moment, no such technology exists and thus we have to rely on our memories & our minds eye.

I thought about this concept last week at the 2018 Owen Sound Sports Hall of Fame Induction Night.

There were 12 athletes, builders & teams inducted along with Bud Nuttall who received a Special Merit citation from the Hall.

As I watched the parade of prominent inductees, I counted about half of them as people I had seen perform or produce on the local sporting stage.

Yes, there was some video in some cases as part of the induction ceremony, but wouldn't it be great to have access to a podium finish for Larisa Yurkiw ?

Would a Gold Medal game with Jason Crone representing Canada not be a thrill to watch on a frequent basis ?

The Senior NorthStars with Joe McCrea of the early 70's meeting Windsor; the 2003 Presidents Cup Classic between Mark Berner's Woodsmen & KW; the day the Shallow Sting ran the table winning 4 straight elimination games to capture the Canadian Bantam Fastball Championship, or the Jarrod Maidens goal to win the Ontario Hockey League title in 2011.

Again, there is some video, but not to the depth that would fully encompass all of the inductees last week into the Owen Sound Sports Hall of Fame.

Instead, we count on our memory, or memories,

And maybe, just maybe, that's far better than video documentation of great sporting moments in Owen Sound and beyond.

I'm Fred Wallace



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