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The BEST Promotion


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I've said this many times to the Attack, the Knights of Meaford and the lacrosse teams; ' there's no better promotion than a winning team...'

If you need further proof on a bigger stage, let's take a look at the city of Toronto.

The Leafs are somewhat of an exception. Like the Chicago Cubs of Baseball, there's been a Leaf Nation before the phrase was born and will continue for decades regardless of how long, or if ever, it takes them to win the Stanley Cup.

But after the Leafs, what about the Blue Jays ? After decades of minimal interest at best, the runs of 2015 & 16 for the Jays brought people back in droves.

The Raptors. Not that long ago, they were an eyesore. Now.....with previous post season experience, plus the potential of a first place Eastern Conference finish and a deep, deep playoff run this year, Jurassic Park  might not be large enough.

And finally, Toronto FC.

When was the last time TFC made this segment ?

But with an MLS Championship to defend and Game 2 of the CONCACAF Quarterfinal tonight at Mexico with Toronto leading the Tigres 2-1, even the most casual soccer fan has taken notice.

There's NO better promotion than a winning team.

I'm Fred Wallace


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