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Final Wednesday Card For 09 @ Hanover Raceway


By Fred Wallace


Tonight is the final night of the Wednesday summer racing series at Hanover Raceway.

Nine weeks in length and the summer season is over.

Did we have summer this year ?

Speaking of over, at the end of the week, Hanover Raceway Track announcer Frank Salive will be departing from the Hanover tower and heading to Florida.

Salive, who to me personifies what a professional announcer should be, regardless of the sport or event, will take over the mic at Pompano Park and conduct their marketing activities as well.

The new position runs from September through May on a yearly basis and then goes into hiatus because the weather is too warm for the horses come summer.

I'm envious, no question, and I'm happy for Frank too, but like anyone who's connected or attends racing in Hanover, we're all disappointed.

Disappointed because we've been spoiled over the last few years.

A great announcer is required to set the stage, garner attention for the event, build excitement throughout and then conclude the story with a natural finish.

With Frank Salive, whether it was the " Dream of Glory Final " for $ 100,000, or the worst race in the history of Grey County, the approach, the delivery and the product were always the same; consistently excellent

But tonight & Saturday are Frank's final days at Hanover, so we wish him good luck in Florida and wish his successor luck to for he'll have a very large set of lungs to replace.

I'm Fred Wallace

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