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Water Facts

Listen to Water Facts with Jim Birchard, airing throughout the day, for all things related to water: conservation, recycling, preservation, use, need, protection, and more. We're your "water" connection station!

About Water Facts:

Bayshore Broadcasting's Water Facts originate with its owner, Doug Caldwell, who challenged his staff to make the name Bayshore synonymous with water conservation. All of the markets we serve are situated on some of the purest fresh water bodies on the planet - it's a natural connection!

Water isn't always the most interesting subject though - how do we drive home the need to conserve water on a daily basis without boring you?  Our answer is to entertain you... with “factoids” on the kaleidoscope of ways we cannot live without fresh water.

Jim Birchard is the News Director of Sunshine 89 in Orillia, and he both writes and reads the episodes. Jim’s career began on Parliament Hill more than 30 years ago. He describes the project as "a labour of love, helping people understand just how important this natural resource is to our future."  If there is anything people don’t know about water, he will uncover it.  He’s become very adept at conveying new factual information in mere seconds!

You can hear Water Facts episodes on the air randomly twice a day, seven days a week on all 7 Bayshore Broadcasting radio stations. That’s a total of over 5-thousand water conservation impressions a year! The real conservation efforts have to be made by you though - so listen, learn, and love the water that makes living possible!

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