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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sauble Mayor Wants Beach Raking Support

Sauble Beach | by Vanessa Culbert  

Asking people in Sauble Beach to write to the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry.

The Mayor of South Bruce Peninsula is looking for your help.

Mayor Janice Jackson says they are looking for people to write a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry supporting the rehabilitation of Sauble Beach.

Jackson says they would like to continue raking the "over grown vegetation" on the beach.

The MNRF believes substantial vegetation is required to support the Piping Plovers and the town requires approval from the Ministry to clear Sauble Beach of its overgrown vegetation.

Jackson says a clean sandy beach has proven to be the plovers true attraction.

She says the MNRF has only heard from those who want vegetation on the beach.

Jackson says there is a "vast majority" of people who are outraged at the condition of the beach.

The Mayor says it is also having an economic impact.

Jackson says some tourists are turning around and going home because of the state of the beach.

Last year, the town took a bulldozer on the sand and was able to reclaim about 80 per cent of the beach.

Jackson says the root systems are still beneath the sand and if they're not removed this spring, the vegetation will quickly return.

The town is hoping to keep the vegetation away to within 30 feet of the base of the dunes.

Letters of support can be sent to :

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