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Saturday, February 24, 2018

PC Leadership Candidate Stops in Owen Sound

Owen Sound | by Vanessa Culbert  

Christine Elliott talked about Long Term Care Homes, Rural School Closures, and Wind Turbines

One of the PC leadership candidates made a stop in the scenic city on Friday.

Christine Elliott was joined by over 100 supporters at the Best Western Inn on the Bay Friday afternoon

Elliott is trying to beat out Caroline Mulroney, Doug Ford, Patrick Brown and Tanya Granic Allen for leadership of the Progressive Conservatives.

She told supporters she is not going to follow Caroline Mulroney in asking former leader Patrick Brown to step aside.

Elliott told Bayshore Broadcasting News the province needs to give the power back to the lower municipality when it comes to wind turbines and deciding if they want them.

She adds, they need to repel parts of the green energy act that deal with huge contracts that were set up for wind and solar that are rates far above the value of the power.

Elliott stated she does not support Carbon Tax.

Elliott is a former patient ombudsman and admits there is a lack of long term care homes in the province and would like to see more built.

She says rural school closures is also an issue that needs to be addressed.

Elliott says if elected  they would continue the moratorium on any further school closures.

She recognizes that even in schools with very low student volumes, there may be very compelling reasons to keep the school open for community purposes.

Elliott says they know how important schools are as community hubs in rural communities, and they want to keep as many open as possible.

Conservatives head to the polls March 2-8th.

Bruce Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker supports Christine Elliott for the leader of the Tory party.

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