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Friday, February 23, 2018

Business Recruitment Strategy in Brockton

Regional | by Robyn Garvey  

The new strategy will help Brockton better position itself for the future.

With the help of Bruce County, Walkerton now has its own Business Recruitment strategy.

Consultant Gary Lintern says this new strategy will help Brockton better position itself for the future.

He says the challenge is that there is no clear sense of direction, culture or harmonized purpose in the local business community.

Lintern calls this the “Bridesmaid” status, a lack of first choice positioning.

The way to overcome this is through effective marketing.

He says this means businesses need to be unique, relevant and motivate action.

Lintern says the future of creating business is much different than it was a decade ago as the flow between ideas and markets has changed.

He notes Walkerton’s tourism brand is strong, he says what’s required is a business brand that aligns with and leverages tourism and focuses on the potential of green tech, makers and other related industries.

Lintern says Brockton also needs to focus on attracting a younger population, and the best ways to do this is by encouraging the business community not the municipality to take the lead and serve as the ambassadors.

He says business people want to talk to other business people not the municipality.

Lintern says there is a role for local government and that involves working closely with the private business sectors to close gaps, reduce red tape and streamline processes

In Walkerton, he says there are some industry specific opportunities including: Green and water tech, niche retail as well as agriculture and water related tourism.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak says this new Business Strategy will help guide and direct Brockton over the coming years.

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