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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Council Questions Condo Development

Shelburne | by Jill Young  

A proposed set of new homes in Shelburne is raising questions about space, parking, and winter maintenance.

Council wants a few more answers before giving the green light to a new set of homes in town.

The proposed condos would be built at 600 Main Street with 59 units and road access from Main Street and Centennial Road.

Each unit would have two parking spaces, one in the garage and the driveway.

The Mayor and council are concerned as many people use the garage for storage, which would likely just put more cars onto the road.

Shelburne's Town Planner Steve Wever said the condominium corporation wouldn't allow for road parking.

The snow removal and road maintenance would fall to the condo developer too.

Wever also says the yards would be small so they wouldn't allow for sheds or any other outbuildings.

Mayor Ken Bennington says he's also concerned with traffic, in particular left hand turns onto Main Street.

He said the only way to make it safe would be to add stop lights, something he doesn't see happening.

The developer was seeking site plan approval at the meeting but council wasn't comfortable moving forward without further research.

Council has asked that the developer look into the concerns raised.

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