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Monday, February 12, 2018

Walkerton Fire To Get New Tanker Truck.

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

The new unit will cost nearly 400 thousand dollars, but should last 20 years.

The Walkerton Fire Department will soon have a new addition.

Brockton has approved the purchase of a 392 thousand dollar Pumper Tanker Truck.

Fire Chief Mike Murphy says the new tanker will replace the current 1988 model that is in need of retirement.

Murphy expects to get at least 20 years out of this new 2019 model. 

The original price came in at 437 thousand dollars. Brockton had only budgeted 350 thousand dollars for the purchase.

In an effort to reduce costs, Brockton decided not to purchase the optional equipment with the new model.

Instead the fire department will utilize the equipment from its current tanker and purchase the additional equipment for the new pumper tanker over the next few years.

This helped reduce the overall price from 437 thousand dollars to 392 thousand dollars.

Murphy is looking forward to the new pumper tanker which is coming from New Brunswick and boasts an approximated capacity of 1,800 gallons.

The tanker is designed primarily to shuttle water to rural areas but it can also be used for grass and field fires with its pump and roll capability. 

The new tanker will put the Walkerton Fire Department fleet in fairly good standing. 

The Department replaced a rescue truck in 2016 and shouldn't need to make another major purchase until 2022 when it comes time to replace the primary pumper.

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