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Friday, February 9, 2018

Huron County Offers Property, Boundary Information Online

Huron County | by Peter Jackson  

New open data website good for homeowners, businesses, consultants, says spokesperson.

A wide range of information has become available, with the launch of a new open data website by the County of Huron.

GIS and business coordinator Karri Sonke tells us the data is contained in eight categories, with 25 sets you can view and download.

Sonke says you view information through several formats including Microsoft Excel and Google Earth.

She mentions that the information will be helpful with issues like boundaries and planning information.

Sonke cautions property owners that the data is not intended to be the final word on issues like property line disputes, and advises landowners to get legal help.

She says the data also includes information on the local environment, recreation and tourism, points of interest and transportation among many other things.

Sonke points out that the data will be of use to homeowners, businesses, schools and consulting firms.

You can find the open data information by visiting, then clicking on "online resources" and choosing "open data".

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