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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Brockton Council To Get A Raise

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

In a narrow 3-2 decision, Brockton Council approves a raise in pay for the next Council.

In a narrow 3-2 decision, Brockton Council has approved a raise in pay for the next Council, but at a cost.

The next newly elected Brockton Council can look forward to a 10 per cent salary increase spread out over a four year period at 2.5 per cent a year.

Councillor Chris Peabody says the increase will bump up the pay to the median level for councillors in the Bruce Grey region.

On the down side, councillors will no longer receive mileage come 2019.

It has long been the practice that Brockton Councillors receive mileage reimbursement for traveling from their homes to Council and Committee meetings as well as other municipal related functions.

The new terms only allow mileage reimbursement when traveling outside of Brockton for a municipally related function such as a conference.

Councillors Dean Leifso and Bill Bell both voted against the motion.

Leifso calls it unfair to remove mileage from Councillors who have to travel further distances to attend Council and Committee meetings.

He calls the mileage an out of pocket expense that should be covered by the municipality.

Peabody disagrees saying that regular folks don't receive mileage from their home to work and it should be no different for councillors.

In a last minute friendly amendment by Councillor Steve Adams, the spousal Conference expense coverage was removed from the motion.

Both Adams and Peabody agree that covering the registration cost of councillor spouses to attend conferences is not a good use of tax dollars.  

The new salaries and expense module for Brockton Council will take effect in 2019 with the newly elected council.

The 2.5% a year salary increase and mileage removal was based on the recommendations of an independent Council Remuneration Review Committee.

Councillors Chris Peabody, Chris Oberle and Steve Adams voted in favour while Councillors Dean Leifso and Bill Bell opposed the recommendations.  

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