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Monday, February 5, 2018

Cargill Community Centre Public Meeting

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Updated project plans to be discussed

It is the heart of the Cargill and surrounding community, and tonight from 5 until 7 a special public information meeting is taking place this evening to discuss the upcoming Cargill & District Community Centre build project.

The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to inform and gather public feedback about changes to the original Cargill Community Centre (CCC) build project.

The project involves removing the oldest section of the Community Centre which is the entrance and replacing it with a more energy efficient and functional structure to meet the needs of patrons and volunteers who use it now and in the future.

Committee Spokesperson Dave Barrett says the scope of the project has grown from the original plans that were early released to the public.

He says the dimensions of the addition to the building have increased to 3,780 square feet from the original projected 2,400 square foot project.

This will ensure the new addition complies with all of the new accessibility standards.

The change in size of the build means the price tag has also increased substantially from 500 thousand to 725 thousand dollars.

Barrett says the new price tag will be worth the investment as the new build project will not only make the Cargill & District Community Centre accessible it will also become more energy efficient.

Barrett says this will be a shared project between Brockton and the Cargill Community Centre Entrance Committee.

Brockton is being asked to cover 60 percent of the project cost and the Cargill Community Centre Committee has vowed to raise the remaining 40 percent.

Barrett is confident local fundraising efforts will be a huge success, as they have already raised 195 thousand dollars to date before the fundraising campaign has even kicked off.

Over the years the Cargill Community Centre has undergone a massive kitchen renovation and new bathroom project. Barrett says  fundraising was not a problem then and it won't be now

Those with questions, concerns or who are eager to help out with the new fundraising project are encouraged to attend this evening’s public meeting.

The project still requires Brockton’s final blessing, this isn't expected to be a problem as the project has been discussed at the Council level and Councillors clearly indicated that this is a project worth investing

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