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Friday, February 2, 2018

Hanover Fire Streamlines Agreement

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Agreement allows Firefighters to respond to the calls where they're really needed.

The Hanover Fire Department has updated its Emergency Response Agreement with Grey County EMS.

The updated agreement will better ensure that the Hanover Fire Department is only responding to the medical calls that it should.

Fire Chief Jeff Dentinger says the new agreement will more closely match the response protocols and needs of present day situations.

The new agreement clearly spells out to the Central Ambulance Communications Centre, the types of
emergencies the Hanover Fire Department will respond to.

This includes auto extrication, vital signs absent, as well a variety of other medical emergencies such as farm accidents, industrial accidents and in situations in which the EMS will be delayed by a certain amount of minutes.

Dentinger says the updated agreement ensures everyone is on the same page.

This means that firefighters should only be dispatched to medical emergencies when required and ensure there is no unnecessary duplication of service.

As volunteer firefighters, Dentinger says its important to remember when responding to a call firefighters have to leave their job during the work day or forfeit a night’s sleep.

That being said, Dentinger says when in doubt it is best to call the fire department, he says he would much rather be safe than sorry.

EMS assist calls are becoming more common for fire departments.

There is no cost to Grey County when they utilize the Hanover Fire Departments assistance.

Dentinger says the Hanover Fire Department does however reserve the right to decline a call due to another emergency within the municipality which may be utilizing all available staff.

Hanover’s Fire Department covers a portion of Brockton and West Grey as well as the Town of Hanover itself.

Dentinger adds, Hanover is fortunate to have such a positive working relationship with Grey County EMS, he calls it a partnership that works well.

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