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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bluewater Mayor Says Shared Services A New Reality

Bluewater | by Peter Jackson  

Tyler Hessel says dwindling provincial funding means municipalities will need to share more services.

The Mayor of Bluewater says the concept of sharing services with neighbouring municipalities is a necessary response to lower provincial funding.

Tyler Hessel believes Bluewater is on the right track in reaching out to Central Huron, Huron East and South Huron for the betterment of all four.

He points to a shared services agreement with Central Huron, which sees one fire chief for two municipalities.

Hessel says it's also important to work with Huron County and approach provincial ministries on issues that need to be addressed like the cost of policing.

He mentions partnerships are especially important when it comes to issues like infrastructure maintenance and improvement.

Hessel says all municipalities are constrained by the escalating cost of maintaining roads and bridges, and a cooperative approach must be examined.

He says in the 21st Century many local governments can no longer act alone, and looking across boundaries to work with their neighbours may be a key to economic survival.

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