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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Walkerton Water Tower Getting A Face Lift.

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

The project is costing about 300 thousand dollars.

Walkerton’s south water tower is getting a very expensive face lift. 

The 300 thousand dollar project includes a fresh coat of paint and some necessary refurbishment work to the tower to protect the structural integrity.

Before approving the paint job, Councillor Chris Peabody questioned whether the municipality should seek public input first.

This is because the last time the municipality had one of its water towers repainted in 2001 it caused a flurry of controversy and public outrage.

This was because the new paint job replaced the name Walkerton with Brockton.

This was on the heels of the Walkerton E-coli Tragedy and many residents took great objection to the paint job and felt it was attempt to wipe away the name of Walkerton.

During the E-coli Tragedy the media often used the Walkerton water tower as a powerful visual to represent the Ecoli Tragedy that claimed the lives of seven people and left thousand of others ill.

Outrage about the paint job was so high that Brockton opted to spend 95 hundred dollars to repaint the water tower shortly after the new paint job to replace the name Brockton with Walkerton again.

This time Brockton is not taking any chances with the decal which will proudly display the name WALKERTON in large print, followed by  Municipality of Brockton is smaller font beneath.

The tower will be painted medium blue and in place of the letter ‘o’ in Walkerton will be a water drop.

The water drop logo is part of the new branding initiative.  

After discussing Peabody’s suggestion of public input, Council agreed that this time around there should be no need for concern as Council felt the Walkerton decal with the words Municipality of Brockton beneath should not cause any controversy this time around..

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak believes this is a fair compromise and says the sensitivity surrounding the 2001 paint job is no longer an issue.

The water tower will receive the new paint job this summer.

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