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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hesitant Yea Vote on Beach House Upgrade

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Saugeen Shores council has begrudgingly voted "yea" on renovations at the Main Beach House.

Saugeen Shores Councillor, John Rich, suspects the community is being fleeced when it comes to certain aspects of some projects.
The councillor voiced his frustration after voting yes to spend over $637,000 for new toilets and amenities at the Beach House.
He says council wanted to spend $550,000 only but still the quote came in 13% higher than that.
Rich says "If you take a reputable architect and they're coming up with a design and they say it's going to be $550,000, a 13% increase is unreasonable."
He says if they didn't accept the new bid however, you can bet it would cost around $800,000 next year.
According to a report from the Director of Community Services, the approved bid, from Allen-Hastings Ltd, was the lowest of five that were received.
Mayor Mike Smith also voted in favour of the cost but he doesn't like it, saying, "It's a lot of money for a washroom."
Councillor Don Matheson voted against the project, saying they should stick to their $550,000 quote they asked staff to come back with.
Vice Deputy Mayor Diane Huber voted against as well, again suggesting it's time for users to help pay for some of the upgrades which she says can be collected through paid parking at the beach.
Work on the upgrades to the Beach House are expected to be completed by July 1st, 2018.

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