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Friday, January 5, 2018

Bruce Power's Unit 8 Breaks Record

Tiverton | by Craig Power  

The Unit 8 Reactor is on track to setting another record for CANDU nuclear technology.

Another year over and another record broken, at Bruce Power.
The world's largest nuclear generating facility has not only set a new-long run record for Unit 8 at 581 straight days, but also the longest consecutive run for ANY unit in the history of the site.
Bruce Power Media spokesperson, Dwight Irwin, says their stringent maintenance program plays a big role in just how well their units continue to run.
"We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, every year actually, on our asset management and planned maintenance outage programs which then improves the unit so then it can go for these long runs," says Irwin.
Not only did Unit 8 top its record of 581 straight days but it continues to run, generating low-cost, carbon free electricity.
Irwin notes Unit 8 is actually on track to becoming one of the top-performing CANDU Units in history.
"We're trying to find out if it will be, if runs until its next planned maintenance outage on September 1st (2018)," says Irwin, adding, "we're trying to find out if it will be the longest in CANDU history."
Irwin notes that the (Bruce Power) CANDU reactors continue to be very reliable thanks to top notch maintenance programs and staff.
Bruce Power's Unit 8 Reactor went back on-line and into operation in May of 2016.
Bruce Power staff are expected to harvest Cobalt-60 during Unit 8's next planned maintenance outage.
Cobalt 60 is processed by Ottawa based company, NORDION, to be used in medical equipment and irradiation procedures.
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