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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fraudulent Fentanyl Purchase

Hanover | by Vanessa Culbert  

Police are investigating after a woman purchased a "significant" amount of Fentanyl with a fake prescription

Hanover Police are investigating the fraudulent purchase of fentanyl  from a local pharmacy.

On Tuesday, police say a female called the pharmacy advising them their doctor had mixed up the street name for narcotic prescription.

She proceeded to tell pharmacy officials the prescription was suppose to be sent to a pharmacy on Hanover street in Toronto.

However, she would make the trip to Hanover to pick up the medication.

She explained to the pharmacy she relocated from the U.S and was suffering from a medical issue that had only been recently discovered.

Upon arrival at the pharmacy, the woman handed over a prescription on official looking letterhead for a "significant" amount of Fentynal Patches.

She also used a fake drivers license.

The pharmacy called Police on Wednesday when they realized both were fake.

The woman is described as in her 30s, 5'5, medium build with dark hair in a ponytail.

At the time of the purchase, she was carrying a new born baby.

Hanover police believe other incidents may have happened across Ontario that day as well.

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