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Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Tree Safety

Orillia | by Ian MacLennan  

Wiring, Lights and Fire.

Most people by now will have their Christmas tree up and the Orillia Fire Department wants to make sure safety is top of mind.

Fire Inspection Officer Dave Baker says water the tree daily, adding if there are a number of needles on the ground, it is an indication the tree is dry.

He recommends the tree be removed from the home once Christmas is over.

Since incandescent bulbs have gone by the wayside,  if you still have them,  Baker says they should be replaced because they are probably well over 10 years old.

He says LED lights are more energy efficient and they produce quite a bit less heat.

Baker says the wiring of the lights needs to be checked.

He says the wire is bent back and fourth when it is rolled into a ball and over a period of time will start to break away.

A Christmas tree that catches fire spreads fast.

Baker says it's completely devastating, and he says it will fill up a room with smoke, hot flames and gases in a matter of minutes.

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