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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2018 Capital Budget Not Yet Finalized

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

There are no definitive numbers to report just yet or how it would affect you.

Saugeen Shores council spent the better part of a day on the 2018 capital budget with town staff, but there are no definitive numbers to report or how it would affect you.
As a matter of fact, town CAO David Smith says they won't have the numbers until their presentation to council sometime in January.
We can tell you that when discussions began, the capital budget represented a 2% increase or almost $30 on an average assessed home of $282,000.
When combined with a recent operating budget, initially approved November 21st, the combined increase amounts to just over 3% or a $44 hike on the average assessed home in Saugeen Shores.
However, during the course of discussions many things were cut but other things were added and town staff need to re-compute the numbers before announcing final figures.
In the end, Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau says money will be spent on "Waterfront improvement, downtown improvement, build some new sewers and new roads and generally make the community a better place."
Charbonneau believes they have a solid budget that doesn't put the municipality into deeper debt than it needs to be.
The Deputy Mayor says he would like to see a 2% hike over 2017 in the tax levy capital contribution and see that hike continue each subsequent year.
He says, "We're going to make sure we're spending enough money on capital so those thing you depend on.......don't continue to fall apart."
CAO David Smith likes the Charbonneau idea.
Smith says "It invests in our infrastructure....and I think council is making the right decision to continue to increase in that investment."

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