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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Soil Expert To Speak In Clinton

Clinton | by Peter Jackson  

Dr. David R. Montgomery to discuss links between soil health and economics.

An internationally known soil management expert will share his expertise with the Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association this month.

Dr. David R. Montgomery is a professor at the University of Washington, and has written three books on how the health of soil impacts agriculture and national economies.

He'll be speaking at the HSCIA annual general meeting in Clinton on December 13th.

Dr. Montgomery says there is a direct relation between soil use and a nation's prosperity, and points to countries like Saudi Arabia and Libya where farmland has been severely degraded.

Both nations are largely covered by deserts, and are sustained by oil exports.

He says he started out writing a history of how soil erosion affected ancient civilizations, but turned his work into a history of farming.

Dr. Montgomery says the invention of the plow was a double-edged sword because it improved crop yields, but led to soil loss and degradation that directly affected entire societies.

He says soil management is critical to society, because continued tillage over generations will eventually rob the soil of nutrients needed to sustain healthy crops.

Tickets to the HSCIA annual general meeting at the Libro Community Hall in Clinton are sold out.

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