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Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Day Of Heroes

Orillia | by Ian MacLennan  

Orillia man who served in Afghanistan hosting challenge to raise awareness about PTSD.

An Orillia man who served a tour of duty in Afghanistan is hosting a 24-hour fitness challenge to raise funds and awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Cody Koesdibyo is the owner of Crossfit Exhilarate in Orillia, as well as a volunteer firefighter in the city, and has also been a paramedic.

Koesdibyo returned from Afghanistan and battled PTSD.

The event is called "A Day of Heroes," which includes a "Hero WOD."

The "HeroWOD" is an extra gruelling workout done once an hour to honour someone that has passed away in the line of service,  whether it be a soldier or first responder.

Koesdibyo says the public is welcome to join the event and workout for as long as they can.

Several members of Koesdibyo's business will be taking part including military, EMS, fire and police.

Money raised will go towards Wounded Warriors Canada, an organization created to help those suffering from PTSD.

Koesdibyo says "A Day of Heroes" starts at noon tomorrow(FRI) and includes a run from the gym to the Remembrance Day service at Orillia  Soldiers' Memorial Hospital on Saturday and a return run to Crossfit Exhilarate after it's done.

He says people who struggle with PTSD are often in denial and brush it off that they even have it, or try to suck it up and go past it.

Koesdibyo says the more there is recognition then the better it is for a person who suffers from it.

During his time in Afghanistan,  Koesdibyo says day-to-day there was that worry of stepping on an improvised explosive device or seeing someone that did and realizing how close he came to death.

He says he performed treatments on friends and locals who were injured by IED's, and he found it disheartening in his mind and soul to watch people suffer.


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