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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Michael Schmidt Off To Jail

Regional | by Kevin Bernard  

Raw milk advocate is given 60 days for obstruction of justice.

Durham area raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt is off to jail for 2 months.

He was sentenced in a Walkerton court November 8th, after he was convicted October 19th of obstruction of justice.

Schmidt's jail sentence is to be served intermittently starting on November 10th.

The conviction is in connection with a standoff in October of 2015 at Schmidt's farm.

Owners of the cows on-site, blocked the police and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources to from taking things off his farm. 

Schmidt was charged with obstruction of justice along with a few others but charges were eventually dropped against his supporters.

The criminal code called for a maximum sentence of 2 years for a conviction on obstruction, but Schmidt again received 60 days intermittent.

Micheal Schmidt has been fighting for 22 years to get the rules changed concerning raw milk. 

He says the first raid on his farm was in 1994.

A hearing in a Newmarket court involving the distribution of raw milk ended in June with the judge reserving his decision.

It has not yet been handed down.

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