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Monday, November 6, 2017

Bruce Power Gearing Up for Licence Renewal

Regional | by John Divinski  

Public meetings recently shed light on what Bruce Power is doing ahead of 2018 Licence Renewal hearings.

As Bruce Power prepares for licence renewal hearings in 2018, the third of three public information meetings was held at the Port Elgin Legion on November 2nd.
Two other meetings were held in September and October in the Bruce Power Visitor Centre and in Kincardine, respectively.
Manager of Communications and Media Relations John Peevers says over the three meetings, around 20-people showed up to learn more about the process and how they can become involved.
What some may consider a small turnout of only 20 over 3 different meetings is viewed differently by Bruce Power.
Peevers says it tells them that "People are fairly comfortable with our ability to operate the site safely."
He would have expected more visitors if there was a huge amount of people opposed to the licence renewal process.
Peevers said they had 8 display boards up, touching on what Bruce Power is doing and hopes to do in the years ahead.
He says the board that attracted the most interest was the Socio-Economic contributions the nuclear facility has made to the region.
Peevers referred to the pending Life Extension Project that Bruce Power will undertake in a few years.
He says, "We really are trying to ensure that communities benefit from this.  We know this project is going to bring thousands of people to the area."
Peevers also says another board visited was the one on Emergency Preparedness where people want to know what is being done and he believes Bruce Power has a strong story to tell.
Bruce Power is applying for its licence to be renewed for a period of 10-years, operating Bruce A and B.
The current licence authorizes Bruce Power to generate electricity from its eight reactor units and produce Cobalt-60 from the four units housed in Bruce B.
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will hold two sets of hearings.
For Part 1 of the hearing in March in Ottawa, CNSC staff and the licence applicant make presentations to the Commission.
For part 2 of the hearing in May in Kincardine, the public has the opportunity to present submissions to the Commission. The submissions from the public can be supportive of the project or can raise concerns with the project.

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