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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Huron County Looks At Office Space Options

Huron County | by Fadi Didi  

Six options presented to for Huron County office space.

Options have been presented to Huron County, should councillors decide staff should move offices.

County staff are currently housed in offices in Goderich (County Courthouse) and Clinton (Health Unit, Huronlea).

Consultants spoke with elected officials at the latest meeting of county councillors, presenting six options moving forward.

The first option is to do nothing, and maintain current office space, with the second option to maximize existing space.

The second would cost roughly $30 million over 30 years, while the status quo would cost roughly $25 million.

Option 3 involves two new, consolidated offices, with a 30 year price tag of $44 million.

The fourth option includes a single, new office space in Goderich costing $40 million in the long-term.

Options five and six involve using either existing office space entirely in Clinton, or building new office space in the Central Huron town.

The timing of the discussion is precarious, as the Huron Board of Health continues amalgamation talks with the Perth District Health Unit.

A health unit merger would likely mean a change in either health unit staffing, office space, or both.

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