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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2nd Refugee Family to Arrive Thursday

Saugeen Shores | by Craig Power  

The Saugeen Shores Refugee Fund group will welcome a second family to the area this week.

Celebration dinner March 2016 marking end of the first sponsorship. 
The Community of Saugeen Shores is once again opening the door for a family fleeing conflict overseas.
A second refugee family is due to arrive in Saugeen Shores tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 12th, 2017) from Tanzania, Africa.
Katherine Martinko, spokesperson for the Saugeen Shores Refugee Fund, says it's been about two ears since they brought the first refugee family to the area and now they're thrilled to bringing a second family to the region.
Martinko says at this point, they know very little about the family's background.
"The family is from east Africa; the parents were born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the children were born in Zambia and the family has been residing in Tanzania," says Martinko. "We'll be interested to find out more about them once they're here."
The family is due to arrive at Toronto's Pearson International Airport tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 12th) and then be brought to Saugeen Shores.
Martinko says the community rallied together to help find housing for the family; the family will be renting a house starting November 1st, 2017 but will have temporary accommodations in the meantime.
The family of 6 also has another child that is currently missing and Martinko says they'll do what they can to assist that child if and when they are located.
"We also know from the file that there is a missing child, we don't know anything further than that but in our contract, if that child is found within the next year, we will be bringing him over as well and assisting with is resettlement in the community," adds Martinko.
The Saugeen Shores Refugee fund group will welcome the family, show them around the town and help to get them settled.
They will also be enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes in Owen Sound to help them with their transition.
To get involved and volunteer your time for the family, please contact the Saugeen Shores Refugee Fund at

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