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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Park Says Flowerpot Climbing is Illegal

Tobermory | by Craig Power  

People have been climbing on Flowerpot Island's world famous stone structures.

There's no doubt the Bruce Peninsula is an extremely popular destination for tourists who love to hike, swim and climb.

But there are rules that must be followed while visiting Provincial or National Parks.

In light of a recent photo that surface online through social media (Facebook) showing visitors climbing the world renowned stone structures on Flowerpot Island near Tobermory, officials are sending a warning.

John Haselmayer is outgoing Superintendent of Bruce Peninsula National Park & Fathom Five National Marine Park.

He says such activity is more than just frowned upon.

"It is an illegal activity on Flowerpot Island so no, it is not permitted to climb the flowerpots and we do take it pretty seriously of course both from a safety perspective and from the perspective of protecting the resource," says Haselmayer.

Information on rules and regulations while visiting Canada's National Parks (including Bruce Peninsula and Fathom Five National Marine Park) is provided to visitors and tourists through various means though Haselmayer notes there are some folks who slip beneath the cracks so to speak and do not realize that what they are doing is not allowed.

As for injuries, Haselmayer says they do happen from time to time.

"The terrain on Flowerpot Island and on the Bruce Peninsula generally is quite rugged and of course with so many people coming to walk, hike and swim along the shoreline, we do have some injuries," says Haselmayer.

Visitors to the Bruce Peninsula are reminded to obey rules and regulations in Provincial and National Parks and respect the communities and natural beauty of the region.

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