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Friday, August 18, 2017

Recruitment Campaign Starts

Owen Sound | by Vanessa Culbert  

The "Are You Most" will recruit those 25-35 in the GTA looking to start a business

A recruitment campaign in Owen Sound has a new name, but the same end goal.

The Millennipreneurs campaign is now called the "Are You Most" campaign and Tourism Marketing Co-ordinator Paulette Peirol says they will be targeting and recruiting people in the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario.

She says they are targeting those in the 25 to 35 age bracket that have graduated school and are now looking to start a career and business.

Peirol says the campaign is a little bit cheeky and innovative as they are wanting to get peoples attention.

She adds, they will not be shying away from the problems Owen Sound has.

Peirol says the last thing they want is someone wanting to move here that is seduced by a glitzy marketing campaign.

She says this is about getting peoples attention then giving them a "test drive" of the city.

The Campaign also places Owen Sound as the next "Boomtown".

Peirol says the Scenic City still has affordable real estate, an area that is just far enough from the GTA but still close.

She says we are seeing growth all around us and it is just a matter of time until Owen Sound explodes as well.

Peirol says a series of questions will "weed out" the candidates before they are given a test drive of the city.

She says the candidate will be paired up with a business owner for a personal guided weekend this fall.

The campaign will be 100 per cent social media driven and those interested can visit

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