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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lady Selects at Western Finals

Moosomin, Saskatchewan | by Bayshore News Staff  

Eight Team Tournament Begins Thursday


Western Canadian Women's Fastball Championship

at Moosomin, Saskatchewan

Participating Teams:
1. Sask. 1 Saskatoon Co-op G-Force    
2. Sask. 2 Carnduff SE Steelers         
3. Sask. 3 Saskatoon Lady Diamondbacks    
4. Host  Moosomin Predators     
5. Alta. 1 Calgary Red Sox
6. Alta. 2 Edmonton Warrior Pride
7. Manitoba    
8. Ont. Owen Sound Lady Selects

Thursday Aug. 17th    
9:00am     Sask. 1    Man.        
9:00am     Alta. 1    Host        
11:00am Sask. 3    Alta. 2       
11:00am  Carnduff SE Steelers vs Owen Sound Lady Selects                                                                                                           1:30pm    Man.    Alta. 1       
1:30pm    Host    Sask. 1       
3:30pm    Owen Sound Lady Selects vs Saskatoon Lady Diamondbacks    
3:30pm    Alta. 2    Sask. 2       

6:00pm    OPENING    CEREMONIES       

6:30pm    Man.     Host        
8:30pm    Owen Sound Lady Selects vs Edmonton Warrior Pride       

Friday Aug. 18th    
10:00am  Alta. 1    Sask. 3       
10:00am  Sask. 2    Sask. 1       
12:00pm Alta. 2    Man.        
12:00pm Moosomin Predators vs Owen Sound Lady Selects    
2:00pm    Sask. 3    Sask. 1       
2:00pm    Sask. 2    Alta. 1       
4:00pm    Owen Sound Lady Selects vs Manitoba       
4:00pm    Alta. 2    Host        
6:00pm    Sask. 1    Alta. 1       
8:00pm    Sask. 3    Sask. 2       
Saturday Aug. 19th    
10:00am     Sask. 1    Alta. 2       
10:00am     Calgary Red Sox vs Owen Sound Lady Selects                                                                                                              12:30pm    Host     Sask. 3       
12:30pm     Man.     Sask. 2       
3:00pm    Tiebreaker(s)    If Necessary       
5:30pm    1st Place     2nd Place       
7:30pm    3rd Place     4th Place        
Sunday Aug. 20th    
10:00am     Semifinal       
1:00pm      Championship    

The Owen Sound Ladies Selects begin the tournament Thursday morning at 11:00.

The team members participating are all players in The Grey Bruce Ladies Fastball League; Leanne Cochrane from The Desboro Bulldogs, Emily Charleton and Michelle McNabb of The Tara Ladies, Amanda Henderson and Kaitlyn Shular off of Port Elgin 's Gord's Pro Shop, Kristin Jacques, Keisha Jaques and Courtney Torrie of The Bad News Bears and Maddy Moore of The Desboro Royals.
The Coaches going are Gord Lamont and Rob Fawcett of Port Elgin.

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